Shark does not handle the intermediate regeneration heat exchanger, however, it can be simulated in the following way.

Suppose that these are our data:

  • Subcooling at the condenser: 3K 
  • Subcooling in the Regenerative heat exchanger: 8K 
  • Evaporator superheat: 5K 
  • Overheating in the regenerative heat exchanger: 15K 

We will have to insert, in the project data, as degrees of overheating: 5 + 15 = 20K

and as degrees of subcooling: 3 + 8 = 11K

There remains the question of requested overheating degrees in the calculation phase of the condenser. The delta to be inserted in the calculation window is the one relativve to the desuperheating of the gas between the compressor output and the input to the condenser.