In order to make the Coils update you need to follow the steps below:

1) Before start the software update please make a backup copy of the program folder "Unilab Coils 6.0"

2) Click on Windows Start Menù --> All Programs --> Unilab Coils 8.0 --> "Update Coils 8.0"

3) Click on "Next"

4) Insert the contract code "TSC..." and go on with the download of updates

5) A message appears to ask you if you want to preserve translations and/or printouts: if you have never changed translations or printouts you can go on, otherwise you have to check to the related box before click on "Next"

6) At the end of installation will appear an ending message: you have to click on "Finish"

7) To complete the installation reboot the pc clicking on "Yes"

8) At the end of the process you can see the last ending message where you can click on "Close"