A microfin tube increases the turbulence of the fluid in the tube and therefore improves its performance.

The reason why the performance improves, but not so much, will be explained below.

The formula of the global exchange coefficient is as follows:


Ae is the area of the finned surface

αi is the tube-side exchange coefficient

Ai is the tube exchange surface

αe is the fin side exchange coefficient

Ω * is the efficiency of the finned surface

De is the external diameter of the tubes

Di is the internal diameter of the tubes

L is the length of the tube

λ is the conductivity of the tube.

In a heat exchange coil, the fin side exchange coefficient (αe) is in the order of 70W / m2K.

The tube side, on the other hand, has a partial exchange coefficient in the order of 1500 W / m2K (if it is a smooth tube) -2500 W / m2K (if it is a micro fin tube).

As for the ratio between the surfaces (Ae / Ai), in the case of smooth pipe it will be greater than in the case of finned tube.

The dominant thermal resistance is on the air side. Therefore, even though it manages to almost double the tube-side exchange coefficient, its effect at the global exchange coefficient level is small.