Coils 8.0 features a new Design calculation process.

Suppose we are performing a Heating calculation. First, we have to specify the basic calculation parameters like Geometry, Air Side details, Fluid Side Details, and Coil frontal dimensions:

When we click on the Design mode this new windows appears:

Which allows us to specify the Required Capacity and +/- Tolerance:

Max. air-side pressure drops and a Negative Tolerance (for example max. 100 Pa with +10% tolerance means any value between 100 Pa to 110 Pa will be accepted anyway):

Max. fluid-side pressure drops (for example max. 100 kPa with +10% tolerance means any value between 100 kPa to 110 kPa will be accepted anyway):

And the manifolds position (which affects how circuits are selected):

This could be "Same Side" (typical of AHU), "Opposite Sides" or "Automatic" (which means basically no preference).

Let's specify the required capacity of 160 kW:

And click: 

After a few seconds we get the following list of coils configuration suitable with our input parameters:

Like in previous versions of Coils, if you double click on the row that best represent your desired coil, it will load it in the Verify mode and allow you to perform further considerations on it.