Condensing: In condensing there is a phase change, from gas to liquid! On the air side the fluid heats up, on the tube side it changes phase, and let's remember, phase changes always take place at constant pressure and temperature. Coils calculates two types of condensing:

1) when the air temperature at the compressor side outlet is lower than the saturation temperature

2) when the air temperature is higher than the condensing temperature, for example the gas coming out of the compressor is at 80°C and the condensing temperature is at 50°C, and then the air comes out at 55°C.

In Partial condensing, available from the professional version, the software divides the condenser into three parts, and calculates desuperheating, condensing and subcooling, then calculating the surface. 

It is preferable to use multiphase condensing when desuperheating and subcooling is present and the air outlet temperature is higher than the condensation temperature.